Delightful Requirements: Hide distracting details

One of the most common mistakes made when adopting Gherkin style requirements is to simply port existing test scripts into the Gherkin syntax.  The result is a scenario detailing every mouse click and value entered on the way to the behavior being tested.  It is extremely hard for a business stakeholder to focus on the requirement amid all of the details.

So, good Gherkin scenarios will hide all of the distracting details.  When testing a user interface behavior, hide as many navigation details as possible.  When laying out the data involved, list only the elements that matter to the test.  Other scenarios have likely described all of the intermediate navigation requirements and have focused on the other data elements.  Let the test implementer worry about how to get there and how to fill in all of the other fields with valid values.  Make it easy for your readers to focus on the specific requirement at hand.  

Hide distracting details!